How To Set Up an X-Rocker Gaming Chair

The good news is that you do not need an engineering degree in order to put together an X Rocker Gaming Chair. In just ten to fifteen minutes, you can go from a boxed up product to a rocking good time. All you need is your television, your gaming chair and the power cable and audio cables that should have come with the chair.

X-Rocker ChairThis video gaming chair has built-in speakers and a subwoofer for a penetrating bass sound.

You will make three connections when you set up your X Rocker – one for the power cable and two for your audio output. You should already have the video cable that connects your gaming console to your television set.

Step One

Take the X Rocker Gaming Chair out of the box and unfold it. When fully extended, the chair’s back and seat should lock into place, in an erect position. Place the gaming chair in the floor in the location you want to play in front of the television.

Step Two

Next, locate and identify your AV cables. These should be yellow, red and white colours. Plug them into your gaming system, following the colour coding on the jacks.

Step Three

You will then want to plug the yellow connector end into the video input jack located on the back of the television set. The jacks may or may not be colour coded on the back of the television.

Step Four

With the remaining cable red and white plugs, connect them into the gaming chair. The audio input jacks on the X Rocker are easy to locate on the side of the chair.

Step Five

Locate the DC power plug connection on the side of the gaming chair. It should be right next to the audio jacks. Insert the DC power plug into the appropriate connection and then plug the other end into an electrical wall receptacle. *Take note – it is important that all of the other cables be plugged into the chair before you plug the DC power transformer into the wall.

Step Six

Turn on your television and gaming system and then your X Rocker Gaming Chair. Once all the devices are on, you can adjust the control knob on the side of the chair to your desired volume control for your surround sound experience.

If you are still a bit hazy on the directions, refer to the operator’s manual that accompanied your gaming chair. Rock on with your movies, games and even music with this X Rocker.

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